Database Connection Pooling with Tomcat
Subject:   Easy development with Tomcat
Date:   2006-05-10 23:29:02
From:   Clark2k
I have been using Tomcat for some time now. I have never used any IDE. Just wondering if there could be a way to embed Tomcat within an IDE and work around from a single window. It would be great do configure the Tomcat specific and web app specific XML files from within an IDE and code the pooling servlet right there.

Bill Clark

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  • Easy development with Tomcat
    2006-05-12 05:15:12  Kunal_Jaggi [View]

    You can use Eclipse as a development platform with Tomcat. For a painless Java programming and debugging experience, download Eclipse IDE and Tomcat plugin. My favorite is Sysdeo (, a popular tomcat Eclipse plugin. Further, you can develop rich web tier applications using easy Struts plugin (