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  Setting Up a Virtual Private Network
Subject:   trouble linking up
Date:   2006-05-02 16:45:03
From:   sprtsmom77
question: im in the us. i have a home network and i have been able to open my ports to allow frinds in the uk to access my pc. problem: i am unable to access thier pc. we all have windows xp. how can we provide a vpn that will allow us to share files up to 5gb. is there a way at all to do this? they have digital cable and cable internet but their cable box is there modem and has it own router plus the router they have for their network. thanks for any available help.
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  • trouble linking up
    2006-06-30 03:27:57  lenwest [View]

    If all you want to do is share certain folders/files on each computer, sign up for the free www.foldershare.com on each computer. It will allow a number of choices including synchronizing folders online. It works very well.
    A more elaborate way to access each computer is to set up a VPN at both ends. This would need special routers (more expensive than the regular home variety). This would allow each to be on each other's home network - perhaps more than you intend.