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  Disabling USB Storage With Group Policy
Subject:   can't see any items
Date:   2006-05-02 01:18:44
From:   bossa1985
i completely import the .adm file and it shows Asministrative Templates/Custom Policy Settings/Restrict Drivers already. But it says "there is no item to show in this view."
what should i do
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  • can't see any items
    2007-05-23 03:48:55  dhaval1981 [View]

    Have a nice day,

    I copyied following text matter in notepad & save as .adm in windows folder/inf -folder. After that Administrative Templates under computer Configuration, and then click Add/Remove Templates in group policy add usb.adm then give ok, i'm able see custom policy * restrict drives, but i'm not able see in right side setting contents. Please help to resolve this problem. I'm waiting for yours valuable reply.

  • can't see any items
    2006-05-11 08:09:13  deanpark [View]

    you have to change the Filter options!

    clck on Admin Temp'
    click on view
    click on filtering
    untick "only show policy settings that can be fully managed".

    This should now show the new .adm options!