Autofilled PHP Forms
Subject:   Seperating PHP from HTML
Date:   2006-04-27 04:09:01
From:   JuddMuir
I'm about to try your code for the form-filling, as I like the simplicity of the idea. You said that you like separating application logic (PHP code) from display (HTML) as much as possible - I'd like to apply this principle to the webpage as a whole.

Normally my PHP classes have a render method that generates the HTML, as I am doing the site top to bottom. However, on the project I am currently working on, I'd like to be able to let a designer do the HTML and CSS separately. So my question is, what have you found to be the best method to keep HTML out of PHP?

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  • Separating PHP from HTML
    2006-04-28 16:25:39  GavinAndresen [View]

    We use Smarty templates extensively at Gravity Switch; just about all the output stuff (HTML pages, text of email messages) is put into Smarty templates and fetched by the PHP code.