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  Ensuring Application Compatibility in Vista
Subject:   Kludge
Date:   2006-04-26 06:01:50
From:   PatrickGemmell
I don't think virtualization is a kludge. Conceptually it's elegant, and as long as virtualization is fast enough, it's also very practical.

The biggest advantage I see is that as virtualization becomes faster (hardware support, improvements in hardware speed, OS tweaks etc.) and ubiquitous it allows Microsoft to radically overhall the OS, fixing the parts that really need to be dealt with. Why, one day the WIN32 API might only be availiable in a kind of "Classic Mode".

The transition worked for Apple and allowed them to build a more reliable and appealing product and so I'm sure it can work for Microsoft too.

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  • Virtualisation
    2006-10-31 03:11:46  SheldonL [View]

    Virtualisation does not however solve all Compatibility issues and can in itself create some issues.

    Applications within a Virtual Environment are isolated from applications that are outside of that environment.

    Imagine a scenario where you have a non Vista compliant application that communicates with a Vista complaint application using some IPC mechanism. Using the suggested solution of virtualising the (non Vista compliant) application would result in the application being unable to communicate with the other application which means it effectively does not work.

    To me virtualisation appears to be a temporary solution, a stepping stone if you like, while you address the real issues in your non compliant applications.

    It is not too difficult to see why virtualisation can be considered a Kludge.