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  Database Connection Pooling with Tomcat
Subject:   More pools for Tomcat
Date:   2006-04-25 10:42:50
From:   Kunal_Jaggi
Response to: More pools for Tomcat

Hello Mike,
Connection pooling is a standard technique used for sharing resources among several requesting clients. In a typical Java EE environment,you can share both database and non-database resources. Other than JDBC Connection objects, you can share threads, sockets and JMS message queues (JMS API provides these two interfaces: javax.jms.QueueConnectionFactory and javax.jms.QueueConnection).

Please note, Apache Tomcat is a reference implementation for servlets and JSP technologies, it's not an EJB container. So, if you want to work with EJBs and JMS, you need an app server like BEA WebLogic or an open source alternative like JBoss or Apache Geronimo.


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  • Easier said than done: connection pooling
    2006-10-08 16:53:44  jpower [View]

    I specified maxActive=100 and maxIdle=20 for my webapp. But as the app runs, the connections just ramped up. After a while, even if no one was using the app, I saw ~ 30 idle connections there, much bigger than the value of maxIdle. Unless I shutdown Tomcat, the number doesn't get smaller. This is giving me huge headache since I know the app is going to blow up as user keeps using it.
    I take special care in closing connections in finally block:
    fnally {