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  iPod shuffle Tips and Tricks
Subject:   green and orange blinking lights! help me!!!
Date:   2006-04-23 07:32:52
From:   ean15
after playing my ipod shuffle last night. when i was about to plug it in my computer it won't update anymore and when i tried to play it, green and orange lights keeps on blinking but my library has all the songs that i saved in my shuffle. i can't understand what happened. hope u guys could help me out too. thanks!
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  • green and orange blinking lights! help me!!!
    2007-08-19 00:00:22  Briii [View]

    This happened to me and it was a pretty quick fix.
    I simply restored my ipod to it's original settings and then synced it again and it all worked.
    I'm sure your guys' must be different because I doubt I (if anyone) would be able to figure out the cure to this problem.. "green and orange lights of death".
    good luck.
  • green and orange blinking lights! help me!!!
    2006-12-08 11:00:19  Zifer [View]

    OK well this happened with me and what i did is hold
    onto to play/pause button for about 10-20 seconds it will flash again and that should do it
  • green and orange blinking lights! help me!!!
    2006-05-06 06:37:01  tiger2000 [View]

    I'm experiencing the same issue: There are blinking green and orange lights on my iPod Shuffle, and it won't play. I reset it, but nothing helps.

    Windows Explorer displays the iPod as a drive, but it will not display the files on the drive. iTunes does not recognize the iPod even though iPodService.exe is running just fine in the background.