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  Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Install
Date:   2006-04-21 03:12:47
From:   duffo
When i tried to install Mac OS, i have no harddrive to select to install it on... what do i do??
Please help!
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    2006-07-24 09:53:55  Strand123 [View]

    You have to create a virtual hard drive
    • Install
      2007-10-21 06:59:07  markey164 [View]

      I had this problem, even though i had created a virtual drive.

      I realised that, you then have to go into Utilities->Disk Utility. Your 3 or 6GB virtual disk should be visible here. You then need to select it and create a partition on it, then choose to format it as MAC OS Extended (journalled). Takes about 10 mins on a 6GB virtual disk.

      Once you've done this, an available hard disk will magically appear to on the installer!!