ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   Does it work? Follow up!
Date:   2002-07-13 10:17:18
From:   thetrend
Response to: Does it work? Follow up!

Why am I geting a "Your OS: Darwin is unsupported" error?

What step did I miss?

1) install cfmx on rh 7.2
2) start and stop cfmx - confirm that it's working
3) make a tarball of the cfmx directory
4) move the tarball to OS X
5) sudo ./coldfusion start

Anxiously waiting for part 3 of this series.



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  • Does it work? Follow up!
    2002-08-01 07:35:33  bbuchs [View]

    Well, I got through the RH install (7.3), the CF install, and... cold fusion wouldn't start. technically, JRun wouldn't start. 12 times.

    During the CF install, there was an option to install under Apache, or on a standalone webserver; I chose Apache. Was that incorrect?