Zero Configuration Networking: Using the Java APIs, Part 3
Subject:   ZeroConfig code
Date:   2006-04-15 12:42:13
From:   dp1140a
Does anyone know where to actually get the ZeroConf api sdk? There is no link in the article and I couldnt find anything on the Apple site?


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  • ZeroConfig code
    2006-05-14 22:33:13  Comctrl6 [View]

    Since OS X 1.3.9 (Latest Panther) the Zero-conf libraries are included in the installation. I believe in order to access the SDK you'll need to install the developer tools located on the OS X DVD or CDs. Once you have installed the developer tools, you can easily use the command line to compile the Java examples provided here. You can, obiously, use Xcode, as well.