What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   Rebol
Date:   2006-04-14 19:38:17
From:   notchent
Have a look at Rebol. The Rebol interpreter is tiny, the language is elegant. It's got native network connectivity and many useful data types built in, CGI interface, database connectivity, unique data parsing features, a consistent and easy learning curve. Sripts run unchanged on 40+ platforms. It's a shame so few people even know it exists...

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  • OCaml
    2006-09-03 05:43:34  grimo [View]

    There are concrete ways to compare programming languages. Comparing syntax is not really usefull. And all programmers are always convinced that the language they use is better than others...

    But you can compare the expressiveness of languages concretely, by making a list of features they have.

    The most complete language I know is Objective Caml. It has almost all the features you can find in other languages, making programming really easy and concise. But the most interesting thing is that the debugging time is reduced a lot because OCaml programs have very few errors (because of the typing system).

    OCaml has been written by some of the best specialists of programming languages in the world, and includes all advances in research on that field (from all the world). When you know well OCaml you really cannot go back to another language!