Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Subject:   What am I doing wrong?
Date:   2002-07-11 20:41:17
From:   gregsixx
I downloaded the pkg for install and everything went just fine, until I got to the database initializations. Specifically, the follwoing: sudo chown -R mysql /usr/local/mysql I've tried the variations that seem to have worked for others on these posts, but I'm having a different problem. I get the error:

sudo: chown: command not found

I've been using the bash shell, so I thought that maybe there was a problem there, but I got the exact same error when I went back to the default shell.

By the way, even though I've had problems, these tutorials are great. I've learned a lot.

So... any help?

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  • Success - sort of
    2002-07-11 21:13:22  gregsixx [View]

    Hope this helps someone else. I noticed that I was having the same errorcode 13 as someone who posted earlier. I logged out and back in as the mySQL user and ran through the sudos once again and everything worked.

    Next I logged out and back in as another user and the test script worked.

    I rebooted, and logged in again as a non-mySQL user, and tried to run the last sudo command to start the server, but got the same problem as before.

    Would this go away if I downloaded and ran the StartupItem script?
    • Okay, I think I've got it now
      2002-07-17 22:23:03  gregsixx [View]

      Once again, I hope this helps out someone else as I've seen similar problems mentioned below.

      I found that I could only start and run the mySQL server if I was logged in as the mySQL user. I was having problems with the chown statement. If I logged out, then back in again everything would work, but if I shutdown first, then logged in as a user other than the mySQL user I was back at square one.

      To fix the problem I logged back in as the mySQL user, started up the mySQL server, logged out and back in again as another user, downloaded and ran Lyniage's StartupItem package, and everything has worked just fine since.

      Hope this helps someone.