The Software of Space Exploration
Subject:   Open Source Software in Engineering and Science
Date:   2006-03-31 03:25:44
From:   jonsberndt
Coincidentally, I wrote a related article in the January/February issue of Horizons, the online magazine for the Houston chapter of AIAA. The article, "Open Source and Free Software in Science and Engineering, for Education, Home, and Work", gives a survey of selected software titles. I also discuss the use of open source software in the aerospace industry in my introduction to the issue. You can read it here:

Jon Berndt
Editor, Horizons
AIAA Houston

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  • Open Source Software in Engineering and Science
    2006-03-31 20:47:20  David Boswell | O'Reilly Author [View]

    There were several projects in your article that I wasn't familiar with. It's amazing to see how many different types of applications and tools are being created by the community.

    I've also recently come across some more public domain software that NASA has released that deals with climate modeling: