Maven 2.0: Compile, Test, Run, Deploy, and More
Subject:   Eclipse integration
Date:   2006-03-31 01:04:12
From:   otto
It should be noted that the Maven2 plugin for Eclipse (where Eclipse is the host) is not ready for production yet. There's a couple of shortcomings and lacking features.

However, you don't necessarily need this to work with Maven2 and Eclipse. The Eclipse plugin for Maven2 (where Maven2 is the host) generates Eclipse project files from your POM and works well.

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  • Eclipse integration
    2006-04-05 00:33:28  Rutul [View]

    I also face the same problem. But now come across with the new plugin offerred by Codehaus. You can check that from
  • Eclipse integration
    2006-03-31 06:58:46  chrislhardin [View]

    The plugin has some problems, but I've been using it for a couple of months now and I've had few problems. Most of the time it works as advertised. It does however require a little effort up front.