Processing XML with Xerces and SAX
Subject:   Writing using SAx
Date:   2006-03-28 01:52:18
From:   SmithSRaj
Is there any way to write XML using SAX packages available in Xerces?
there is a DOMWriter, but is there any way by which we can use SAX. like in MSXML we have IMXWriter which we can use along with its SAX handler to write XML.

-Thank You

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  • Writing using SAx
    2006-04-04 19:26:31  Q Ethan McCallum | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    SAX is an API for parsing (reading) XML; to my knowledge, Xerces doesn't offer any SAX extension classes for writing XML.

    Are you trying to transform one stream of XML into another? In that case you could use SAX for the reading, and your SAX handler would then write out the XML on the other end.
    • Writing using SAx
      2006-04-06 02:02:05  SmithSRaj [View]

      "Are you trying to transform one stream of XML into another?"

      Ethan, i didnt understand that..
      Actually i want to write Data in a Structure
      which contains std::wstring variables to xml.

      is it possible using SAX?