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Subject:   Wiki engines with watch and notify?
Date:   2006-03-24 09:34:09
From:   djstates
Do any of the wiki engines implement "watch" functions that would allow me to automatically receive an email notice anytime a "watched" page was modified? Also, how about notification lists - a list of users that I specify who will automatically receive a notification email anytime I edit a page.


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  • Wiki engines with watch and notify?
    2006-04-27 08:34:20  Srin [View]

    MediaWiki has built in functionality to 'Watch Pages."
  • Wiki engines with watch and notify?
    2006-03-25 01:44:57  shlomif [View]

    Well, MediaWiki can generate RSS feeds for the entire wiki and possibly also for the user's watched pages. You can use the rss2email program to send an E-mail notification based on this RSS feed.

    And naturally, if you want you can instruct rss2email to send the notification to a forward that will forward it to several addresses.