Advanced Configuration of the Spring MVC Framework
Subject:   Additional way to configure
Date:   2006-03-24 02:39:26
From:   dejanb
Response to: Additional way to configure


I'm glad to see that this topic is interesting to people.

As far as managing different properties files is in question I didn't go in details there, since I wanted to describe a solution based on managing multiple applicationContex.xml files. But sure, the similar solution could be easily made.

Andrew, I would like to see the source code of your solution.

Maybe we can all work together on a solution that would be more general and useful to different kind of projects.


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  • Additional way to configure - SAMPLE
    2006-03-24 07:55:09  Andrew_Sazonov [View]

    Hi Dejan!

    Your can download sample from this URL:

    ZIP contains sources for classes I've wrote and fragment of web.xml configuration and Spring configuration

    In this sample I've included only code that reads properties from file, but to illustrate general approach I suppose that particular way of obtaining them is not too important

    Best regards,

    Andrew Sazonov