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Subject:   Scaffold command
Date:   2006-03-22 20:04:51
From:   curth
Response to: Scaffold command

Inserting the scaffold call into the controler is called dynamic scaffolding. In this case the scaffolding code is created on the fly in memory (no files are created). This means thatit will track changes to your database.

Running the scaffold command on the command line physically creates the files containing the scaffold code. The nice thing about this is tat you can see the code and even modify it. But if you make DB changes, that you want to see you would have to rerun the scaffold command and regenerate the files.

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  • Scaffold command
    2006-03-23 14:31:31  claudiaG [View]

    Thanks for replying. So just to clarify, if I initally run the scaffold command line and modify the list, edit, etc... files. Then I change a table on the database and need to run the scaffold command line again. The command line will generate new basic CRUD files and so I would lose all my changes to the edit, list, etc.. files? or will running the command line a second time just modify the files?

    thanks for your time.
    • Curt Hibbs photo Scaffold command
      2006-03-23 14:32:51  Curt Hibbs | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

      You would lose your changes.