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Subject:   Null check for an object
Date:   2006-03-21 22:45:33
From:   PravinD
please help me in writing the rule for the following scenario:

Before invoking any method of an object, a null check should be done.


String str1 = null;
String str2 = "ASP";

str2 = str1.toUpperCase(); // Which will throw NullPointerException.

So I have to ensure that this line is in the if check. Like,

String str1 = null;
String str2 = "ASP";

if(str1 != null)
str2 = str1.toUpperCase();

Any help would be appreciated. Which would be better a Java rule or XPATH rule?


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  • Null check for an object
    2006-03-23 05:47:29  tcopeland [View]

    Hi Meena -

    These are a good question... would you mind posting them to the PMD "Open Discussion" forum?

    That way more folks will see your questions and be able to comment. Thanks!


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