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  Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Image file is always corrupt..
Date:   2006-03-15 10:22:06
From:   PC-Renegade
Response to: Image file is always corrupt..

You have to burn the disk in to an image file, choose the image creator from the drop down list in the change recorder menu, then you have to "Convert" the .NRG file in to an .ISO file, I've used Magic ISO for that, you may ensure that your version will be able to recognize the nero file format, the last version (5.1) does it for sure. Don't be worry if you can't acces the image file after been burned, it is because it has a differnt file structure and windows is not capable of read it.
Hope it helps....
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  • Image file is always corrupt..
    2006-03-15 20:48:57  Supaman [View]

    no i dowloaded the image file already patched and in .iso format!! after i burn the image it is successful (using nero 6 ultra), but i can't read the disk, and bios won't recognize it as an image cd to boot up to...could it be media, corrupt d/l, check sums??? it will not read as anything but a blank cd in windows!
    • Image file is always corrupt..
      2006-03-15 22:24:02  PC-Renegade [View]

      You won't be able to see anything of MAC in a PC, that is why you have to load it in to the emulator, if you can't see it in the boot menu, you can choose the option "0" to see all the partition that the emulator detect, even th non bootables ones. GL