A Custom JSP Tag Library for Dynamic Menus
Subject:   Dynamic Sub menu position
Date:   2006-03-13 13:24:06
From:   jayens
Response to: Dynamic Sub menu position

Hi.. any luck with your problem?..
I'm facing the same problem in changing the Position of the menu display in the HTML page.

I'm using tiles Layout and trying to display the Menu below the Header page in Left navigation JSP.

The same menu display works great with single JSP.
If you got the solution pls pass it on..


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  • Dynamic Sub menu position
    2006-03-20 11:08:23  javaenthu [View]

    Yes , I got it working by changing the x and y coordinate values in javascript in these methods mitem_get_x() and mitem_get_y().

    let me know if u need any more info
    • Dynamic Sub menu position
      2006-04-29 08:22:42  dynamic_taglib.html [View]

      Could you please elobrate how to change the
      global width parameter depending on size.