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  Mac OS X Website Builder Face-Off
Subject:   iWeb=puke
Date:   2006-03-08 20:16:51
From:   smorris76
I tried using iWeb. It's certainly easy enough to build a photo page. Unfortunately that page will take 5 minutes to render in anyone's browser. Then try to make an index page of all your photo pages. It's such a clunky POS I couldn't believe it. It's completely flat hierarchy is pretty much useless as well.
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  • iWeb=puke
    2006-03-09 00:29:09  yvesdec [View]

    true, iWeb seems to be designed only to post on a Gigabit LAN and even on a local G4, the browser renders like it was trying to invent the PDF
    • iWeb=puke
      2006-03-12 21:29:45  DaveCrist [View]

      I have just spent the past couple of days building my site with iWeb. I am no web monkey, but I, like most of the other posters and the author, was almost immediately annoyed at the limitations of the program...

      To follow up this parent, all of the graphics are converted PNGs, which isn't necessarily bad, except for 78k jpegs quickly bloat to 500k!! Pages are loading slowly because of the incredible increase in graphic size....

      #2 most annoying nit is that there is no way of modifying and of the html without editing in an external editor... and as soon as you update a page, that change gets obliterated... arg...

      oh well...
      • iWeb
        2006-03-24 19:51:04  alanwolf [View]

        They fixed the png thing in the last update, but you do need to republish your site. It is only better, the optimization still could use a lot of work. I agree about the problem of not being able to adding extra html. I'd like to be able to pull in photos from my flickr account without having them on my server, since I am paying flickr to host them.