Visualizing Network Traffic with Netflow and FlowScan
Subject:   Graph Time Span
Date:   2006-03-06 12:01:44
From:   freeride
I got the previous setup to work although it did require following the directions exactly as laid out. I had to re-install Cflow several times but finally got it to work by upgrading all the dependencies and then installing it from the tarball that came with flow tools. Also, I'm using an OpenBSD sensor with pfflow....

Anyway, silly question-
How far back will my data go? The time period drop down menu only goes up to one month. Can i change this or will it grow as my data grows?


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  • Graph Time Span
    2006-03-06 14:13:03  agshekeloh [View]

    There's an "hours" value in the CGI.

    You can just edit this in to provide whatever values you like. I've added 4 and 8 hours, but I imagine that nothing prevents you from going back further.

    Usually, RRD data goes back for more than a month.

    Try it and let us know what happens!