Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Cannot log onto my webpage using MAC OX 10.4.5
Date:   2006-03-05 19:15:27
From:   Netripized
I'm having the problem, Using the Belkin router (F5D7230-4).

From outside of the home I can't get to the website running on my machine. When I type out my server's (Personal Web Sharing - Apache) IP address ( I always get the main router page.

I've set up Belkin Router's virtual server to point out port 80 TCP to this ip address shown above.

From outside of home, I cannot get onto my website using my home's IP address (

Any ideas?

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  • Cannot log onto my webpage using MAC OX 10.4.5
    2007-06-26 15:10:54  The-final-cut [View]

    You must to connect from other network otherways you will always get router login page.
    Try with dial up or call someone to visit the page.
    I have same problem (actualy its not problem its limitation)
  • Cannot log onto my webpage using MAC OX 10.4.5
    2006-08-14 22:56:31  tobiko2004 [View]

    Hey Netripized, I just figured this out after a bit of fooling. Go into your router's admin area to the section of port forwarding. Check of port 80 to 80 (along with 20 to 21 for ftp) and where it asks to imput a number after 192.168.2. imput that of the computer you are using as the server. to find this number go to system prefs in the network and tcp/ip area you will find the number for your computer's network ip. its the last one after the .
    • Cannot log onto my webpage using MAC OX 10.4.5
      2006-08-25 03:58:20  philshort [View]

      Normally that would be a helpful reply, but ...

      The "port forwarding" is set up on the "Firewall > Virtual Servers" page in the router admin. Thing is, and I have the same problem, no matter what you forward port 80 to, when you connect to port 80 from outside you get the routers web page. I.e even when you have set up port 80 forwarding correctly it doesn't work.

      Any help from anyone with ACTUAL EXPERIENCE of configuring port forwarding on Belkin routers SPECIFICALLY would be appreciated!