Building Web Parts, Part 2
Subject:   errors...
Date:   2006-03-03 09:40:44
From:   CKLAslan
Response to: errors...

I am having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution ?
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  • errors...
    2008-05-19 23:00:28  AtulonWeb [View]


    make sure to uncheck the option Anonymous Access from properties of your virtual directory ->directory Security -> Edit.

    Best of luck
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    2006-07-25 02:08:07  the_fuehrer [View]

    ummm... for the close/minimise option to go set the "CloseVerb-Visible" property of the webZone to false.
    The minimise option will stay, but how much harm can it do?.:) .. besides it kinda gives it a cool look.