Implementing MVC in PHP: The Model
Subject:   Example.php
Date:   2006-03-03 09:37:41
From:   joestump98
Example.php doesn't exist. You'll need to create your own Framework_Site class. It's on my TODO to add an *entire* example docroot to the package, but I haven't had time to do so yet.
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  • Example.php
    2006-03-04 08:49:41  ikhnaton2 [View]

    Thanks for the reply. I'm trying actually but I think there're unmatching between the article and ur last coding structure. I'm trying to understand the structure separately out of the source code. I'm new to MVC and PHP5 OOP so it's confusing somehow. Wish u could update ur articles with the new code adding more thorough description and diagrams. Appreciate ur work and time to help.