make: The Evolution and Alternatives
Subject:   How come "cook" is so little known?
Date:   2006-02-20 13:50:50
From:   cook-nut
I'm wondering how come "cook" from Peter Miller seems to be such an unknown. It is incredibly powerful and has a much cleaner syntax and design than GNU make, with all its bizarre flavors of variables and matching rules.

Even with all of the tricks I know, there is no way to write in GNU make thus type of rule:

linker -o $@ $(OBJECTS_FOR_%)

In cook, this is trivial. The consequences are deep, since it makes it impossible to write generic link rules. Instead, one has to break down the rule into several.

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  • How come "cook" is so little known?
    2008-12-18 20:09:23  coreybrenner [View]

    %: $$(OBJECTS_FOR_$$@)
    linker -o $@ $?