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Subject:   My ipod shuffle
Date:   2006-02-12 20:48:38
From:   toygoy930
When i turn on my iPod all i see is a green light and i cant play any of my songs on it. What should i do to fix it.
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  • My ipod shuffle
    2006-03-28 11:12:10  raoulc [View]

    I've bought an iPod today and immediately have had I had the same problem: a permanent green light, while the mp3's were corrected uploaded. I used the "iPod updater 2005-03-23", restored the factory settings, went back to iTunes, re-uploaded the mp3's, disconnected the iPod, turned it on and ... the back green light was gone. Everything works fine now! Thanks for your help everyone!
  • My ipod shuffle
    2006-03-02 11:56:06  dridout [View]

    Hi, i had the same problem and what you need to do is go to start then programs then ipod and ipod updater and click on the file ipod update 2005-03-23. (the date at the end maybe different)

    when you open that it will give you two options, if you restore the ipod it'll remove everything on the ipod but when you try it again, it should work. it worked for me

    good luck

    c ya