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Subject:   shuffle doesn't connect
Date:   2006-02-02 22:07:51
From:   flandrew
My shuffle still plays music but won't connect to my (or any) computer, so it just plays fo ra few seconds on what little battery ot has and dies. I guess there is something wrong with the USB connection but it looks fine and I don't see how that happened. Really frustrating because it apparently still functions but can't charge or get new music, so useless. Any suggestions or is it dead?
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  • shuffle doesn't connect
    2006-03-07 03:03:38  Shoomus [View]

    what is up dude? my shuffle just started doing what you describe today. I went to plug it in to my usb port and it doesnt even begin to charge..its sad too, because it was chargable 2 days ago..think apple should gives us a reimbursement?, lemme know if you can solve this prob..thanks
    • shuffle doesn't connect
      2006-07-25 11:10:47  Craig950 [View]

      I also have the same problem the ipod shuffle has now run out of battery but I am unable to charge it as the computer no longer reconizes it!
      Any suggestions?