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  Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   Need help
Date:   2006-02-01 15:57:48
From:   Anangel
I bought an "ipod video cable" on Ebay and the picture is black and white and continuously rolls, making it unwatchable. The audio is fine.
This cable was purchased as an ipod cable and is not through apple. Is it garbage?
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  • Need help
    2006-03-01 18:09:46  emileclunk [View]

    • Need help
      2006-03-08 00:38:08  mamasama [View]

      Thank you, thank you, Mike. You had all the solutions to our Ipod-to-TV problems. Everyone who is having the difficulties I see listed here should check out your link. You seem to have pretty comprehensively covered the needed fixes.