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Subject:   java ?
Date:   2006-01-27 05:16:49
From:   bitwit
I like C++, hate java, it's for web pages not desktops (imho)

using java as a standard for scripting widgets will be a disappointment for me.
after trimming the fat and optimizing, I think the lean memory footprint and any speed increases will be lost after implementing java.

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  • java ?
    2006-01-29 02:43:04  ErikPragt [View]

    Dear nitwit,

    There is no talk about Java in the article. The scripting used is JavaScript, which is a whole different thing. To have a better Java integration would be great, but I don't think that will happen. Using JavaScript for scripting in Widgets can make things a lot easier for developers, so that can become very interesting.