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Subject:   help!!!!!!!
Date:   2006-01-16 10:49:41
From:   mari19
I have an two computers- one is a mac with iTunes already on it and one is a PC with iTunes downloaded on it. I successfully transfered music from my PC to my iPod shuffle. Then when I tried to plug in the iPod shuffle to my mac, a window popped up telling me that the only way I could put music in my iPod is if I replace all the music already on my iPod with the music from this library. The library of music on my mac had alot of music I didnt want on my iPod, but it looks as if I have no choice but to only put music on my iPod shuffle using my PC.

Is there anyway to put music on my iPod shuffle using two computers!?!?!?!?!? PLEASE!!!!!

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  • help!!!!!!!
    2006-01-17 11:15:44  Lobdell [View]

    Yep, this is a downside to the Itunes software. If you want to plug your IPOD into another computer it will erase all songs on the IPOD first, and than allow you to transfer or build playlists on the other computer.

    You could try getting a copy of another song management software called X-Play. This allows you to transfer songs from computer to computer without deleting or replacing your IPOD songs. Also, you can try loading the MP3 files on your IPOD using the DATA portion. The IPOD Shuffle has the ability to set aside a certain portion of it's memory to use as data files. You may be able to load the songs on their that way.