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Subject:   need help with my ipod
Date:   2006-01-15 13:58:58
From:   bmwx5
i have a ipod shuffel and it is not playing any songs and blinking when i press any button the colers green and orange . and it is on can some one hlep me
thank you
mike mahmoud
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  • need help with my ipod
    2006-04-18 10:58:03  ash1982 [View]

    hi, mahmoud

    the reason your ipod is blinking green and orange is because there no music on your ipod.
    • need help with my ipod
      2007-06-06 14:12:03  Jessica23 [View]

      hi i got an iPod and i put music on there but it wont go to the number i want it to it skips the numbers lets say i want 4 and it wont go it will go to 24 or something like that what should i do.