The Power of mdfind
Subject:   perl script in Appendix B ("longsongs")
Date:   2006-01-14 13:24:29
From:   movdpoel
Hi Andy,

The perl script gives me:
"Use of uninitialized value in printf at longsongs line 52".
I am not familiar with perl, to my untrained eye it seems the "qq" in printf is causing the mayhem. I would love to get it working

Great article by the way! mfind is very powerful and thanks for sharing that with us.

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  • Andy Lester photo perl script in Appendix B ("longsongs")
    2006-01-14 16:09:18  Andy Lester | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    qq() is an alternate way of quoting strings in Perl. It acts like qq(string) is the same as "string", but is useful if the string you're quoting has quote characters in it, like ours does.

    I don't know what other output you got, but I suspect the problem is that some of your tracks are missing author, title or album name fields.