Effective Unit Testing with DbUnit
Subject:   how to test stored procedure
Date:   2006-01-13 05:32:37
From:   mkg1232000
I would like to know how the testing of stored procedures can be done using DBUnit. If the stored procedure returns multiple resultset then is it possible to test using DBUnit, if so please explain.


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  • how to test stored procedure
    2006-01-16 12:16:14  aglover [View]

    DbUnit works best as a database seeding framework. If you’d like to test a stored proc, then use DbUnit to seed the database with a known set of data, then call the stored proc via your test case and assert that returns the desired result.
    • how to test stored procedure
      2006-03-02 07:32:14  suman_s65 [View]

      You may need to use the combination of DBUnit[to simulate different database states] with sqlunit[for testing stored procedures..]