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  An Exception Handling Framework for J2EE Applications
Subject:   ignorant
Date:   2006-01-12 11:04:53
From:   dbwduh

>"Fortunately, the Java APIs have a category of exceptions called unchecked exceptions, which you are not forced to catch."

Java does not force you to catch anything.
A simple throws clause will do.

I am not able to read any more of this article - after reading this (ignorant) sentence.

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  • ignorant
    2006-01-12 19:35:29  Shrik [View]

    I am not sure if you have seen the context in which I am saying it. Just before this line I am talking about checked exceptions which you either need to catch or throw (using yet another throws clause)again. And that may be a chain reaction if the exception needs to be dealt at Controller level only. Unchecked exceptions come for the rescue there. But where to use them and where not has been described in the article.
    • ignorant
      2006-01-12 20:31:53  Shrik [View]

      In the last post I meant putting yet another exception in the throws clause instead of using yet another throws clause. Sorry about that.

      • source code
        2006-05-17 23:54:40  doubts12345 [View]

        where can i get the source code of Exception handling framework.....
        • source code
          2006-05-18 00:08:19  Shrik [View]

          Please check the Resources section of the article and download "Sample Code".