FreeBSD for Linux Users
Subject:   Hi.. Mrs. Dru
Date:   2006-01-11 11:22:19
From:   dlavigne6
Response to: Hi.. Mrs. Dru

You'll find the BSDs to be quite similar and many features that are developed on one BSD make there way into the other BSDs.

For software, pkg_add is consistent across all of the BSDs and is the best way for new users to install software. All of the BSDs support pkgsrc and most of the BSDs support ports.

You might find this document ( handy as it shows the most common BSD commands and whether they come with the OS.

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  • Hi.. Mrs. Dru
    2006-01-15 08:47:33  fooues [View]


    I saw the doc. and appreciate it, they have a lot in common. I really liked FBSD and your articles too! now let me go to put the Alsa and OpenGL to work here :)
    (sorry 'bout my english, i'm still learning!)

    see ya, Bye X)