JBoss Cache as a POJO Cache
Subject:   enterprise alternative
Date:   2006-01-11 09:06:35
From:   cpurdy

Coherence from Tangosol:

It provides replication, but it also supports partitioning, near caching, data grids, etc.

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  • enterprise alternative??
    2006-01-12 00:15:23  bwang00 [View]


    Do you have a question regarding POJO Cache that I can help to answer? Or this is just a freebie plug for your product? :-)

    -Ben Wang
    • enterprise alternative??
      2006-02-20 14:17:09  asmuts [View]

      Transactional distribution over JGroups cannot scale. The AOP overhead and complexity solves an uncommon problem at the expense of the standard case where you want to send an entire object over the wire. The overhead is rarely in the amount of data being sent, but in the sending an d receiving itself. The AOP solution seems horribly misguided. The locking sounds like a disaster, especially given the pessismistic strategy. I need a cache not a database. . . .

      JCS is a far better alternative for a distributed cache:
      • enterprise alternative??
        2006-02-21 10:01:35  bwang00 [View]

        I'd be itnerested to know why you said that our solution is not scalable? Have you used it already?

        Even if "the Aop solution is misguided" (of which I certainly disagree), have you checked out our plain cache solution?