Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   no colour :(
Date:   2006-01-10 01:59:47
From:   TaRaK
this is great post thanks for the info.
the sound is fine and picture is good, only problem is that it is in black and white for me.
Any ideas why this would be ?
i also agree with the comments made about not riping off apple by asking for replacments for things you never bought, however my headphones gave up after 8days so was happy to see that i could get them replaced as i was about to go out and buy another set.
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  • no colour :(
    2006-01-11 15:38:29  mattymatt [View]

    the no-color issue sounds like you may have plugged it into the component jack on your TV. some high-end TVs have multiple methods to input video; those include composite (which most TVs have, and carries the entire video signal on one cable) and component (which is higher-quality, but isn't available on most TVs, and carries the video signal on 3 separate cables).
    component video uses three video jacks; one for the black and white signal, and two for different types of color signals. if you're only getting B&W video, you've probably plugged the ipod's cable (which is only made to carry composite video) into the B&W component jack. see if your TV has a composite input (it might also be called RCA, or line, or video) and try plugging it in there.
    • no colour :(
      2006-01-13 08:09:23  TaRaK [View]

      i think it is the composite it is plugged into as it is the same place i plug the video camera into and it comes out in colour ok, also the tv is not a high end tv. could it be the cable i am using ?
      thank you for the answer