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Subject:   error 404- servlet would not load
Date:   2006-01-09 04:16:57
From:   nitinchoube
Response to: error 404- servlet would not load

Add following text in tomcat_instal\conf\server.xml
before </Host> tag

<Context path="/WApp"
when i done this after that my tomcat server is not running it terminate immidetly.plz tell me.can i type that mension above or any other canges in the server.xml file.
plz reply it is urgent.

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  • error 404- servlet would not load
    2006-04-27 12:24:08  codedmind [View]

    Can you please please tell me how you finally worked around it, i also followed the instructions written here but when i changed the server and run the tomcat , it is not starting and the window is closing as soon as it opens.
    I will appreciate your help...i am strugelling with trying to run a somple hello world example on tomcat for last 2 weeks...i have to finist the project but haven't yet statred...

    please reply asap..