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Subject:   My shuffle won't play.
Date:   2006-01-08 19:24:53
From:   stanner
Response to: My shuffle won't play.

I am having the same Issue any advice out there?
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  • My shuffle won't play.
    2006-01-27 20:36:49  corydaro [View]

    this is making me angry, i got my shuffle 2 days ago and ahve been trying to get it to work for the past 2 days. i go onto my computer, put the songs on the shuffle (pressing the autofill button) and the boxes beside the songs are checked, but no sound comes from the headphones.
    its seems ive tried everything but obviously not, can someone out there help me or tell me what im doing wrong?
  • My shuffle won't play.
    2006-01-12 14:06:14  Lobdell [View]

    Are the Headphones plugged into the little hole? Is the IPOD turned on?