Subject:   portsdb -Uu
Date:   2006-01-08 14:45:41
From:   fred_s
Great article but I have one comment regarding the portsdb -Uu command mentioned on page one.It seems that you need to cvsup the
ports collection for portsdb to complete successfully.

For example,if you cvsup the ports-all collection but also have some ports that you don't want in the refuse file, then this seems to cause a problem with the portsdb -Uu command completing successfully.

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  • Dru Lavigne photo portsdb -Uu
    2006-01-08 15:07:02  Dru Lavigne | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Yes, if you don't have the entire ports collection, use "portsdb -u" instead. Since I discovered misc/porteasy, I rarely keep a full ports tree anymore and now use this incarnation in my upgrade script:

    cvsup -L2 /pathto/cvsupfile
    cd /usr/ports
    make fetchindex
    portsdb -u
    portversion -l "<"