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Subject:   Problem with Audio Books
Date:   2006-01-05 14:47:51
From:   Lobdell
I find that when listening to audio books, if I pause the audio book it will restart in the same spot, but if I shut off my IPOD and turn it on later the audio book won't always play in the same spot where I left off. This is a random occurence, as sometimes when I shut off and turn back on, it's fine, but other times it starts in a completely different track. I have also noticed
this happens with songs too. Does anyone else have this same problem, where their IPOD doesn't always start where it left off when it's turned off and on? Originally I though maybe when I turned it on, I accidentally went to shuffle mode so that's why, but then I made a concious effort to make sure I only went one click and it did the same thing.
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  • Problem with Audio Books
    2006-02-02 06:22:37  rppoulin70 [View]

    I, too, had this problem, and found a simple solution: Avoid Audible Format 4. For some reason (probably related to its new bookmark system), format 4 will jump around, even if you take steps like pausing and shutting off the Shuffle quickly. But format 3 has fewer issues. In fact, in iTunes, I often queue up the exact place I want to resume a format 3 audiobook, then I sync up. When I turn on the iPod and push play, I'm right where I wanted to be. Not always, but much more often than not, and in the very few instances of jump, I'm not as far ahead or behind as format 4 will put me. But where format 3 really comes in handy is in its shut off. Turn off the iPod Shuffle with format 3 and you'll start up where you left it. You can't beat that.

    There is a setback to format 3, however, and that's its reduced lack of sound quality. It's just not as rich as format 4. But then again, you won't be searching all over the place to find where you left off, and you'll save loads of MBs. So give it a try.
  • Problem with Audio Books
    2006-01-09 08:59:21  thad811 [View]

    I am also experiencing this problem. Once I turn my iPod Shuffle off the bookmark seems to jump ahead many minutes in the book. Annoying.

    Anyone have any suggestions?