Maven Project Reporting and Publishing, Part 1
Subject:   I really hate to be negative...
Date:   2006-01-04 15:22:47
From:   hexghost
but Maven is one of the biggest hunks of crap that has ever cursed the Java world. What was wrong with Ant? It's perfectly fine for large projects (not that maven's creators have ever made a large project), most of the java world already uses it, and its supported in most of the major IDEs. Instead they had to crap out maven. Incompatible build files with ant, a release schedule that makes Commons look good, and the best thing ever: Total Incompatibility with version 2 to version 1! What an amazing f****ing idea! Seriously, I know you're just whoring this chapter out to get book sales, but look maven creators: shape up and remove this blight to the java world.
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  • I really hate to be negative...
    2006-01-06 05:50:08  madtree [View]

    BTW, Geronimo and Struts are two small projects using Maven instead of Ant.
  • I totally disagree with you
    2006-01-05 06:04:23  madtree [View]

    I think Maven (especially Maven 2) is one of the best thing that happend to Java world. We were using ant where I work before and here some issues we were facing :

    1) For every new projects, we had to copy and paste some typical Ant scripts and change a couple of values according to the project nature. Ant scripts are mostly similar between different projets (compiling, generating doc, packaging, ...). So why loosing times rewriting or copying what is already done. Ant doesn't facilitate reuse.

    3) Maven focus on the "what", while in Ant you have to write the "how" and the "what". Why should I have to figure out how to compile, deploy, generate javadocs everytimes? I do that for every projects. Plus, with Ant you have to understand the build script, learn the targets names, you have to *relearn* all this stuff for every projects wich don't use the same standards as you. It can drives you nut sometimes just to build a simple project if the Ant script don't respect some good practices. Why I would want to waste time to understand the build process of a project? I have more important things to do.

    3) When you want to add or share new functionnalities, you need to use copy&paste. Again not very practical, with Maven you ship a plugin and it's done. Encapsulation power!

    4) No need to check in the jars the projects use in your SCM.

    5) Managing dependencies is a lot easier with Maven, especially Maven 2.

    6) If you need the power of Ant for custom tasks, it easy to incoporate one in your build using the Ant plugin.

    I like to make a comparaison about Ant and Maven using programming paradigms. I refer to Ant has being the procedural approach while Maven is the OO approach, wich addresses a lot procedural issues.

    By the way, I am betting Maven will be supported by most IDE in the near future.
    • I totally agree with you
      2006-01-07 19:26:34  venge [View]

      Every single point you mention about Ant are the very reasons I stated when we moved our projects to Maven 1.

      I'm currently implementing one project with M2 but finding the dependancy gathering to be a little awkward. For example, I want to use Spring 1.2.6 and Hibernate 3.1 and I state that in my pom.xml. However, it will grab Hibernate 3.0.5 and Hibernate 2.1.7 as those are stated as requirements for Spring and doesn't "realise" that I'm already grabbing Hibernate.