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Subject:   my ipod shuffle wont play
Date:   2006-01-01 01:11:26
From:   osterriech
Response to: my ipod shuffle wont play

i am having the exact same problems!! xmas prezzie, no sound but always green light. Computer and iTunes recognises it. i intend on taking my ipod to a store to ask them what to do, but if you have found a solution to thie problem please let me no!! if i find out, i will let you no.
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  • my ipod shuffle wont play
    2006-01-18 01:05:55  dewagter [View]

    I HAD the same problem. It wouldn't play anything. Moreover the green light was allways on when in playing mode and did not react to any keypress.

    Problem: formatted in a wrong way. (Allthough I really thought I did everything exactly as in the manual, apparently something went wrong)

    Sollution: go to apple website or google and look for IPOD UPDATER to reset your shuffle to factory default and update to the latest firmware at the same time. After flashing, remove from computer, put back in, itunes should open, put music back on ipod, go to play mode... and Hopefully your problem is solved too.
    • my ipod shuffle wont play
      2006-06-14 16:03:11  onthetee [View]

      I have reformatted over and over. Latest updater and all. Still no luck. Any other ideas?
      • my ipod shuffle wont play
        2006-06-20 08:36:20  TaraW027 [View]

        My son had the same problem. Here is what I did to fix the ipod shuffle.
        First, I erased all of the itunes and ipod programs off of his computer and reloaded them.
        Second, I downloaded the LATEST installer. (I first downloaded the wrong one) It should be the most recent available at www.ipod.com.
        Third I plugged the shuffle into the computer and erased everything on the shuffle to restore to factory settings.
        Then I reloaded the libary back on to his shuffle.
        This took a few hours but it will work.
        Now mind you, I also tried and tried to reformat too and it didn't work because there are old updaters that will tell you that your shuffle does not need to be formatted. Get the very latest one and it will re format and update your shuffle and you will be able to then enjoy your shuffle.
        • my ipod shuffle wont play
          2006-10-15 21:37:15  idkman386 [View]

          My ipod shuffle wont work either. Mine is a different problem my light blinks green and red everytime I try to play a song. Everytime I plug it in it comes up with the little usb icon at the bottom but does not show up on itunes. A box that says autoplay pops up and seems to look like it has to load are search something but just sits there for hours. Can somebody tell me why that is are how to fix it I really need help!. But it seems that it cannot find it are something.
          • my ipod shuffle wont play
            2006-12-04 10:21:42  sgatewood [View]

            I have this same issue. Did you ever find a fix for it?

            • my ipod shuffle wont play
              2007-12-13 14:51:23  c.thomas113@comcast.net [View]

              I Can't Unlock My IPod
            • my ipod shuffle wont play
              2007-12-13 14:50:48  c.thomas113@comcast.net [View]

              I Can't Unlock My IPod
              • my ipod shuffle wont play
                2008-03-22 06:23:07  heatseeker my ass [View]

                well i guess you should blow up your ipod.. or feed it to your dog.. i tried it once and it worked!
                • my ipod shuffle wont play
                  2008-10-12 12:05:09  sexymarina [View]

                  please can you get my ipod to work