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  Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   what is a domain in this context ?
Date:   2002-06-16 06:21:02
From:   mmurray
sudo cp generic-darwin.mc yourdomain.mc

(Itís OK to use the literal "yourdomain" if you don't have a domain for your machine. If you do have a domain, then use it instead.)


How do I know if I have a domain for my machine ?

Thanks - Michael

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  • what is a domain in this context ?
    2003-07-21 19:07:16  anonymous2 [View]

    this is just the name of the file, so what you call it is not too important. the name doesn't affect any programs, it's just for your reference. typically, if
    you had several machines with similar configs, then
    you'd name the file something that would indicate that,
    such as graphicslab.mc or foocom.mc. I usually use the
    name of the specific machine, since I tend to have different
    configs on different machines. --bressen