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Subject:   my ipod shuffle wont play
Date:   2005-12-26 13:58:55
From:   pramz201
Response to: my ipod shuffle wont play

When i first got the shuffle, I was able to import songs from a cd into the ipod almost inmediately. I went on to listen from the shuffle with the headphones. I then proceeded to import many I have downloaded many songs from different cd's and it filled the library with all the songs I wanted. But when i went to move them to the ipod I get a message "the ipod can not be updated the disk can not be read to or written to"

Please help

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  • my ipod shuffle wont play
    2006-08-06 23:10:04  sowmyaras [View]

    I have the exact same prob. I fixed it one time by formatting it. But now the same prob is back. Help me!!