Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   Sendmail takes 3 minutes to start
Date:   2002-06-13 09:34:53
From:   jiclark
Response to: Sendmail takes 3 minutes to start

I was just coming back to see if Chris had posted a response to any of our questions, and saw this topic. I, too, have noticed that "starting sendmail" now takes more than two minutes during startup on my Dual500/G4. This is a little frustrating, and makes me wonder if it's really necessary...

Is there anything we can do to fix this???

Thanks, John

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  • Chris Stone photo Sendmail takes 3 minutes to start
    2002-06-13 12:29:17  Chris Stone | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I'm guessing this happens when sendmail is unable to resolve the domain name. I've suggested to some folks that they just revert their hostconfig file back to NO for mailserver, and see how that works. So far, for local only mail delivery , that seems to works OK.

    There're could be an issue, though, if both sendmail and your email client are trying send (use port 25) at the same time, so watch for that.

    Let us know how it goes for you...


    • Sendmail takes 3 minutes to start
      2002-06-17 10:16:58  jimlongo [View]

      Thanks Chris,

      Setting the mailserver to NO solves the startup issue.
      I can still send mail from the terminal to most POP accounts, so I'm not sure what functionality I have lost.

    • Sendmail takes 3 minutes to start
      2002-06-14 13:38:17  nirs [View]

      edit System/Library/Startupitems/Sendmail/Sendmail

      put & at the end of the sendmail command:
      /usr/sbin/sendmail -bd -q1h &

      this will start sendmil at the background. It can sit and try to resolve the domain name for few mintes but you will never know it.