Managing MySQL on Mac OS X
Subject:   SQLite
Date:   2005-12-16 02:22:10
From:   leeg
Response to: SQLite

SQLite isn't the same sort of thing; it's just a library for manipulating structured data files whereas MySQL is a database management server (which includes its own library doing kindof what SQLite does). So the tools on Tiger for manipulating SQLite are /usr/bin/sqlite3 and whatever Core Data app you're about to write in Xcode; there are no 'management' tools per se.
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    2005-12-16 05:08:13  fat-hen [View]

    I'm not sure what you're saying. It's all data whether it's managed by MySQL or SQLite. I'm not interested in how either or them does what it does. What I *am* interested in is managing my data. I agree that Tiger doesn't provide tools for SQLite other than the command line or Core Data, but it seems to me that there is certainly a place for a tool that allows users to manipulate SQLite databases created by the system. Things like Safari's RSS feeds and whatever Aperture does.

    > there are no 'management' tools per se.
    There is, in fact, SQLite Manager: