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  Managing MySQL on Mac OS X
Subject:   CocoaMySQL
Date:   2005-12-13 21:14:19
From:   LubTex
Another great GUI for day to day table manipulation and query execution is CocoaMySQL http://cocoamysql.sourceforge.net/. I have found it very handy in even learning MySQL since it can give you a Console view to see the executed commands from the GUI. I have found it indispensible as a web developer.
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  • CocoaMySQL
    2005-12-14 13:48:17  filipp [View]

    CocoaMySQL is the tool I keep coming back to, nice that the original author mentioned it as well. I run MySQL 4.0.21 and the official MySQL Administrator (1.1.0) is not able to create views which unfortunately renders the app pretty useless for me, otherwise it's pretty sweet and makes certain tasks much easier than CocoaMySQL. With a modern version of MySQL server, I'd probably recommend this version too (for what it's worth... :))